We’re happy to share that Camphill Scotland was featured on BBC Radio Scotland’s “Our Story” program. The ‘Our Story’ series is about the distinctive past of the North East of Scotland. It seeks to bring the past to life with eye witness accounts.
BBC Scotland
The interview features Marianne Gorge, who met Karl König in June 1942 and arrived in Camphill in Aberdeen in October of that year. Thrilled with Marianne’s interview, they said “I don’t think, when we set out to make the program, we ever imagined to meet such an incredible lady so closely linked to the early pioneers!”

The program also takes  look at a modern Camphill setting in the form of the Newton Dee community in Aberdeen. There, they interview Jake Volrath who shows them around the community and explains how it all works. When you listen you’ll hear familiar sounds as portions of the program were recorded live in the bakery and craft workshops.

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