There was a Farm in the County of Chester
‘Twas a place of peace and plenty
And in it there lived together
House parents and students twenty.

And when new students came knocking
They sang, “There’ll be room galore:
We’ll make room for you who are flocking
And perhaps even a few more!”

The Farmers, they stood at the door,
And merrily shouted with glee
“There’s chairs by the hearth galore
And room here for twenty-three!”

“There’s a fire in the hearth to warm us,
And porridge to spare in the pot,
And since you’ve decided to join us,
We’ll be sharing whatever we’ve got!”

The demand for the Transition Program at Beaver Farm has exceeded expectations and room for more students is needed! With your help, the currently unoccupied loft in the Sarah Jane Herman Education Center will be renovated into a living space for three to four coworkers. This will allow for additional student accommodations in the homes at the Farm and help us prepare young men and women with special needs for a successful adult life.

Won’t you help us make room for more?



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