Farewell to Camphill Beaver Run 

My daughter, Elizabeth has lived, learned and loved at Camphill Beaver Run, which I describe as God’s 80 acres. He certainly blessed the founders, Ursel and Carlo. What they started over 50 years ago has been a blessing for Elizabeth! Melanie helped Elizabeth dry her tears the day she arrived partway through 6th grade. She came to love Melanie and all the co-workers and new friends. I’m sure she was not alone in her love for Morn! They became like older and younger sisters. Our whole family fell in love with Morn, her love, care her “specialness”!  When she had to leave, Elizabeth and our family were crushed. We keep all that is Morn in our lives through Facebook and Skype. Elizabeth continues to beg her to come back!

Caroline was there from the beginning with her sweet smile and giving nature. Elizabeth’s Grandfather serenaded her whenever we met with Neil Simon’s “Sweet Caroline”! Ashley came blowing in with her crazy sense of humor and uplifting ways of caring for her children. I really enjoyed conversations with her about children and chocolate! When Elizabeth moved to Whitestone House it was all very different, bigger, house more friends and a new group of co-workers. In no time Sarah and Elizabeth were getting along and Elizabeth was learning German!

Meeting Ginny was like meeting a sweet, kind woman who would love her students and teach with her beautiful accent. Ginny welcomed Elizabeth and made her feel a part of a special group. She and lovely Lucy made Elizabeth’s first three years very successful.  And we still make a trip for hugs when we meet!  And Sally, she is strong and outgoing and Elizabeth grew into a wonderful young woman and actress and “Creative Director” and more! Sally understands each student and what they need so very well. Elizabeth trusts her and truly enjoys all the main lessons and special projects that Sally creates.

And there is Elsbeth, a soft spoken musical angel. She and Elizabeth started their relationship at her first music lesson and it was love at first sight! Since then Elizabeth has sung and played with her heart and soul for 6 years and 6 different instruments! Our family is amazed at Elsbeth’s musical way with all her students, young and not so young.

I know Elizabeth has had therapies, special teachers, massages and dozens of co-workers whose names I apologize I don’t know. You have been an integral part in Elizabeth’s life and progress and deserve our great thanks.

As Elizabeth looks forward to Graduation and next September beginning the Transition Program at Beaver Farm, I wanted to take a look back to all the loving and caring and blessed people who love my daughter as much as I do. Elizabeth is leaving Camphill Beaver Run, but I’m not sure I’m ready to go.

I love all the special people who have loved and helped my daughter overcome some of her problems and  have given her the skills and tools she needs to be happy as a part of the community and her family. I want to thank one more person, Bernie Wolf who gave my Pastor and I the grand tour in the snow what seems so long ago!  His soft voice and easy words helped me make the best decision for my daughter I will ever make.

Thank you to EVERYONE for all the love, teaching and life skills Elizabeth needs. Thank you the dozens of phone calls and meetings we’ve had. Thank you for Spring Rolls and homemade bread! I love you all and continue to ask for God’s blessings to you all!

With much love and respect,
Elizabeth and her Mom, Kay


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