The Camphill School has been open for in-person instruction since the spring of 2020. The school community is woven of a tough but beautiful fabric: people from all over the world cooperate to create a loving, nurturing environment for children and young adults with intellectual disabilities. Camphill prides itself on this cosmopolitan community impulse. World festivals, foods, and cultures are part and parcel of the rich life here. Whether we are studying geography, history, art, or music, there is usually an expert on hand to share their experiences of the places and stories that we are talking about.
COVID has presented an unusual challenge to our school. Many of the young volunteers that come from abroad to live and work for a year at the school have been affected by travel restrictions. We have been working to hire local staff to compensate for this, but, at present, very few people are available to fill positions. The school is thriving, but we do need more live-in volunteers, local commuting staff, and general volunteers to help with the work and keep our community strong.
We are currently seeking eight live-in volunteers, two cooks with big hearts to feed thirty people lunch on weekdays, two classroom assistants or paraprofessionals (one for our Kindergarten and the other for our Transition Program at Beaver Farm), and a part-time administrator for our in-house staff certification course in Curative Education.
Please reach out to Sonja Adams ( if you feel that Camphill is in your future as an employee or live-in volunteer.
Additionally, if you are interested in volunteering a few hours each week, we can find ways you can help! For information on part-time volunteer opportunities please contact Sarah Downs at
We hope to see you soon!
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