Children within the full spectrum of intellectual and developmental disabilities, from mild to severe, are considered for admission. A large number of students are in the I/DD category and some children are categorized as learning disabled, brain injured, autistic, neurologically impaired, or multiply handicapped.

Non-ambulatory children and children with other severe physical disabilities will be considered on an individual basis to determine if our School is most appropriate to meet their needs. All children must be deemed potentially capable of integration into Camphill’s village setting.

Parents or guardians must be willing to make the required personal involvement with our school’s staff and programs, as well as with their own child.

After Admission

After residential admission an “adjustment period” of six weeks without parental visits is recommended, but can be adjusted according to the specific needs of each child. After the adjustment period, of course, visits on a regular basis are encouraged. Children for whom there is some question about appropriate placement will be given a probationary period before final acceptance.

Dismissal or Withdrawal

Dismissal or withdrawal requires written notice four weeks in advance. Due process is followed for Department of Education placements.

Waiting List

Students are admitted to fill existing or expected vacancies. Children for whom there is no immediate vacancy, but for whom one is potentially available in the future, are placed on a waiting list.

Medical and Dental

Medical insurance for each student must be provided by the parents. A dental exam is required before admission and twice a year thereafter during vacation periods. Parents are responsible for these dental exams and documentation is required.


The school year is September through June, with all students leaving during vacations. Our school is closed for one week at Thanksgiving, two weeks at Christmas, two weeks in the spring, and from mid-June through Labor Day (see our calendar for details).

During vacations students become the responsibility of their parents, guardians, or agency. Enrolled students may participate in our four-week Extended School Year program held in July if eligible. Students who are admitted from January on in a given school are placed on a waiting list for ESY.