Name: Anjali Sharma House at Beaver Run: Whitestone

What year did you arrive at The Camphill School? How long did you stay?

September 2018-July 2019. One Academic year.

What did you like most about your time at Beaver Run?

The community life as a whole was the most special thing. We live in such a materialistic and industrialized world that it is quite depressing to think about. Beaver Run for me belongs to the pocket which proves against this. It’s a place which is being an example for what the whole society should strive for. The values like Dignity and Respect for each life, co-working and living together while caring for the environment as well as the spiritual and cultural lives as a living thought in everything we do in our daily lives.

Tell me about someone who had a positive impact on your life while at Beaver Run:

There are so many. The children I had the privilege of living and working with all have created such a positive impact in my life. There hasn’t been a day that I don’t think about them fondly. Even though the list is long, I would like to mention some briefly.

Oliver taught me how to be in the present moment and make it fun and creative.

Josh made me realize the importance of boundaries and how to define them with logic as well as warmth.

Jesana helped me look at my shadow self and slowly start the process of accepting it rather than shaming it.

Sydney emphasized the value of staying calm in situations and preparing well for any major changes which might be uncomfortable.

My house mother, Sarah, was a living example of what a difference it makes when you are deeply interested in each life and how the environment can enhance the gifts and support in the challenges for everyone sharing a home together.

Rüdiger was someone who helped me deepen my knowledge and understanding of Anthroposophy. Our study sessions stimulated my thinking strongly and brought many different perspectives and inspirations to practice in my daily life.

Andrea Janisch was someone who stood by me as my orientation mentor so strongly and encouraged my initiative of celebrating the festival from my own culture which means a lot for my own annual rhythm.

What is your fondest memory from Beaver Run?

This is also such a difficult question. Thinking about answering this brings back so many memories of laughter and joy I shared with so many students and fellow coworkers. All the meals and festivals and outings were so special too. I honestly can’t pin down just one.

To try to point a few specific ones:

The trip to Catskills with my house for ESY The 12th  grade Graduation

Diwali Celebration

Halloween and Valentine’s Day parties

Sledding during snow days

Swinging during the summer

Singing all throughout the year

Eating, eating and more eating such delicious food every day

What did you do/where did you go after leaving Camphill?

I went to Stuttgart to pursue my Master’s degree in Waldorf education.

Please share something new happening in your life (graduation, marriage, children, etc.)

I moved to a new country and a new continent altogether. It has been both exciting and challenging at the same time.

Hermina Booysen and Camphill student alumnus Luthian in Maui

Hermina Booysen and Camphill student alumnus Luthian in Maui

Hermina Booysen, who was housemother in Trillium shared: “HAPPY THANKSGIVING wishes are for everyone. Tomorrow I will say that I am thankful for everyone who helped me get to Maui. Although things are quite different from my expectations, I am very happy to be here and every day is a blessing. Maui’s weather is wonderful and I cannot remember when last I was so healthy and had so much energy. (The fact that I have only a half-day job five days a week might have something to do with that!) I think of all of you quite often and wish you a very happy Thanksgiving. The photo of myself and Ian was taken on the farm at the La’a Kea farmstand where I look after him and the farm stand in the mornings. From a Cape Town-like Maui, Warmest regards and Aloha.”

Kathrin Wiertellorz and her son Theo

Kathrin Wiertellorz and her son Theo

Kathrin Wiertellorz, who was a coworker in Whitestone, sent us photos of her son, Theo, who was born on October 22, 2009.

Noah Augarten is living in Germany and has almost learned German. “Well, you can’t get a whole language in a few months, but I am able to have longer and longer conversations with people with few er and fewer interruptions for clarification. I am working at Heydenmuhle and bike there the days I work.”

Boris Habich shares “Your letters and Annual Reports helpme not to forget my great and lovely stay at [Longhouse] in Beaver Run. This place helped me and many students and children. That is why I still keep the dream alive to return to The Camphill School once more. Peace throughout.”

Thomas Bosse and Stine Borges' daughter Julia Marie holds baby brother Karl Emil

Thomas Bosse and Stine Borges’ daughter Julia Marie holds baby brother Karl Emil

Stine Borges and Thomas Bosse write: I just found your homepage and thought that you might enjoy a little coworker update from us. We met each other in The Camphill School in 98/99. We got married in 2004 and had our daughter a little over a year later. Her name is Julia Marie and she is turning four soon. Six months ago we had our second child, Karl Emil. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a picture with all four of us – I guess one person always is behind the camera. Instead I found one wedding picture and one of the children. Lots of love to all of you – The Camphill School certainly changed our lives.

Carl and Ike (Stoeckle) Hehmsoth write: We just want to tell everyone that we became parents of our second daughter, Sophie Luise, in July 2008. It’s been ten years now since we met at The Camphill School and that time changed our lives. We are grateful to have had those important experiences. With love and special greetings to Anne and Claus who have been great houseparents, Carl, Ike, Clara, and Sophie

Annie Kus writes: I can hardly believe it’s five years since I left. Beaver Run is still never far from my mind, I regularly check the online Radius etc. for the latest news and photos. The three years I spent with all of you were perfect. I continue to work with children in a school in Scotland, but haven’t yet experienced the feeling of home as I did in Beaver Run. Lots of love to all of you, especially the Oak Hill Boys from 2001-2003.

Melanie Schmitz recently returned to Germany after a trip to Santa Cruz, California. There she visited with fellow The Camphill School coworker alumni and a few former students, too. She said, “It was such a great atmosphere and felt like the good old times at Beaver Run.”

Isaiah James, son of Gaibi Vollbracht and Derek Rugsaken

Isaiah James, son of Gaibi Vollbracht and Derek Rugsaken

Gaibi Vollbracht, a former The Camphill School coworker, and Derek Rugsaken, a former Camphill Soltane coworker welcomed Isaiah James on February 3, 2008.

Jani Funk and Julia Pralle

Jani Funk and Julia Pralle

Jani Funk and Julia Pralle were coworkers at The Camphill School in 1999-2000. Jani is a teacher in Freiburg, Germany where he shares stories about his wonderful experiences with the children and people of the Beaver Run community.

Chris and Ruth on their wedding day

Chris and Ruth on their wedding day

Ruth Haske writes: Chris and I were married earlier this year, twice in fact! In New York in May (for immigration) and again in California (the ‘real’ one this time!). We met at The Camphill School in 2003-2004. We have now settled in New York City as Chris is finishing his Masters in Art Education. I had been teaching Special Education, but am currently teaching at a British mainstream School.

Kate Collier is in her foundation year re-training as a psychosynthesis counselor in London. It’s very experiential with a lot of studying and a very supportive group of fellow students (a few anthroposophists among them). She loves it and her training therapist enjoys the challenge!

Tobi Hinsch, a coworker in Rowan from August 2005 to August 2007 writes: I started my studies to become a pilot end engineer and so far I am really enjoying it.  I miss Beaver Run, especially when I see pictures or read news from BR. At those times I can feel the lack of something that has become a part of my life and is now missing. I hope to be able to visit soon! Lots of love from Bremen!

Kathrin Volland de Flores, who was a coworker in Whitestone in 1990 when Bernie and Else Wolf ran the house, lives in Munich and is a social worker. She sends greetings from Germany.

Vasu, spent time between April and June 1971 as a student teacher/coworker at The Camphill School and shares: I came to Glenmoore from Murtle Estate in Bieldside, Aberdeen, Scotland.  I just retired from teaching in the New York City Public School System.

Thomas Bauch writes: I hope to get the chance to come back to The Camphill School over the next three years since I will be in Mexico for two years from summer 2008. Sometimes we have some little coworker reunions here in Germany and it’s great to see people again. It’s always a great time, but sometimes it is missing the real Beaver Run feeling. So, the plan is to come back with all forty-some coworkers at the time when Falco and I, who both are studying International Business Management, have saved $1 million together. I guess that will take a while, though …

Manuel Hueck reports: Hello my dear friends in Beaver Run!  Probably nobody in Beaver Run knows where I was last year and what I did. I had real adventures traveling around the globe for some time.  Now, I am back in Germany with some new impressions in my pocket. My experiences during my trip confirmed my idea of studying medicine, which is why I moved to Aachen.

Camphill Special School high school student (in red) with her good buddies Philipp, Jan, and Thomas

Camphill School high school student (in red) with her good buddies Philipp, Jan, and Thomas

Houseparent Guy Alma received an e-mail from Thomas Steinhart together with photos: “We all are back in Germany and how else could it be – we are missing Beaver Run a lot! Life is so different over here than it is in Beaver Run and everybody wishes to be back. So give us three more years and we’ll be living in Beaver Run again.  Save our spaces! Greetings from Germany, Thomas Steinhart, Philipp, and Jan

Camphill Special School high school student with Thomas Steinhart

Camphill School high school student with Thomas Steinhart

Ambrus and Willow Matthews-Pinter and their daughters

Ambrus and Willow Matthews-Pinter and their daughters

Ambrus and Willow Matthews-Pinter, who live in England, sent photos of themselves and their two children.

Clara Elfrun Hehmsoth arrived January 21, 2007

Clara Elfrun Hehmsoth arrived January 21, 2007

Carl and Ike (Stoeckle) Hehmsoth announce the birth of their daughter, Clara Elfrun Hehmsoth.

Milena Birgitta Claussen

Milena Birgitta Claussen, born on April 9, 2006

Imke and Oliver Claussen, coworkers in 1990-91, sent a beautiful card from Germany announcing the birth of their daughter, Milena Birgitta, on April 9, 2006. Milena joins big sister, Nora.

Former coworkers Carl Hehmsoth and Ike Stoeckle on their wedding day

Former coworkers Carl Hehmsoth and Ike Stoeckle on their wedding day

Carl Hehmsoth writes from Germany that he and Ike Stoeckle were married on December 12, 2006: “We are happy and think a lot of our time in Beaver Run. After all, that was the place where we met, although actually we didn’t like each other that much back then! So we thank you and your very special place for that life changing opportunity.”

Sue Horne, a coworker from 1992 to 1994, completed some remedial training at Sunbridge College and is teaching kindergartners at the Waldorf School of Charlottesville in Virginia. She invites all her old friends to contact her at

Manuel Hueck, who lived in Longhouse during the 2005-2006 school year, is traveling around the world for a year. When he wrote us, he was in Vienna, Austria, with Dehli, India next on his itinerary.

Morwenna Rodenberg writes: “I finally am back in the UK and missing South Africa a lot! The Camphill there is so different from Beaver Run. It was a fantastic experience and I never would have survived without all the knowledge I acquired at Beaver Run. Now I am joining Smart Dreamer Productions, a new company focusing on documentaries for British television. I will be behind the camera and training as a producer as well. I miss you all and look forward to seeing you again.”

Norbert Schultes and Ginny Thimme

Norbert Schultes and
Ginny Thimme

Norbert Schultes, vacationing from his work at Camphill Nottawasaga in Ontario, visited with Ginny Thimme at The Transition Program Benefit Concert in October 2006. Norbert was key to the founding and development of our Transition Program.

Meredith Winkelaar, a coworker in Antanor in 2004-2005, sent news of her  adventures in British Columbia: “I just finished a two week Wilderness Horseback Riding Guide Training.  It was amazing – I learned to shoe a horse, how to pack a packhorse, how to lead a packhorse while riding a horse, and how to shoot a gun in case a grizzly bear appears! I miss Beaver Run and hope you all [have] a great summer!”

A group of coworkers had “a little reunion in Cologne [Germany], remembering the good old days at Beaver Run…missing all of you!” The card was signed by Amelie, Anne, Boris, Britta, Christophe, Daria, Falco, Hauke, Jens, Lukas, Markus, Martin, Milena, Olaf, Simon, Sohke, and Thomas.

Camphill Special School high school student, (left), visiting with former coworker, Wesley Grissom

Camphill School high school student,
(left), visiting with former coworker, Wesley Grissom

Wesley Grissom, a coworker in Antanor during the 2005-2006 school year, currently is manager of J. Johnson Gallery in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.