Name: Anjali Sharma House at Beaver Run: Whitestone

What year did you arrive at The Camphill School? How long did you stay?

September 2018-July 2019. One Academic year.

What did you like most about your time at Beaver Run?

The community life as a whole was the most special thing. We live in such a materialistic and industrialized world that it is quite depressing to think about. Beaver Run for me belongs to the pocket which proves against this. It’s a place which is being an example for what the whole society should strive for. The values like Dignity and Respect for each life, co-working and living together while caring for the environment as well as the spiritual and cultural lives as a living thought in everything we do in our daily lives.

Tell me about someone who had a positive impact on your life while at Beaver Run:

There are so many. The children I had the privilege of living and working with all have created such a positive impact in my life. There hasn’t been a day that I don’t think about them fondly. Even though the list is long, I would like to mention some briefly.

Oliver taught me how to be in the present moment and make it fun and creative.

Josh made me realize the importance of boundaries and how to define them with logic as well as warmth.

Jesana helped me look at my shadow self and slowly start the process of accepting it rather than shaming it.

Sydney emphasized the value of staying calm in situations and preparing well for any major changes which might be uncomfortable.

My house mother, Sarah, was a living example of what a difference it makes when you are deeply interested in each life and how the environment can enhance the gifts and support in the challenges for everyone sharing a home together.

Rüdiger was someone who helped me deepen my knowledge and understanding of Anthroposophy. Our study sessions stimulated my thinking strongly and brought many different perspectives and inspirations to practice in my daily life.

Andrea Janisch was someone who stood by me as my orientation mentor so strongly and encouraged my initiative of celebrating the festival from my own culture which means a lot for my own annual rhythm.

What is your fondest memory from Beaver Run?

This is also such a difficult question. Thinking about answering this brings back so many memories of laughter and joy I shared with so many students and fellow coworkers. All the meals and festivals and outings were so special too. I honestly can’t pin down just one.

To try to point a few specific ones:

The trip to Catskills with my house for ESY The 12th  grade Graduation

Diwali Celebration

Halloween and Valentine’s Day parties

Sledding during snow days

Swinging during the summer

Singing all throughout the year

Eating, eating and more eating such delicious food every day

What did you do/where did you go after leaving Camphill?

I went to Stuttgart to pursue my Master’s degree in Waldorf education.

Please share something new happening in your life (graduation, marriage, children, etc.)

I moved to a new country and a new continent altogether. It has been both exciting and challenging at the same time.

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