Wyatt Paterson, Transition Program Class of 2016, was featured on NBC News; the piece looks at how farming has given him more abilities.

Dodge Doyle learned to ride a bicycle this summer at ICANShine Bike Camp. She is pictured at right, practicing on the track of her high school, Phoenixville High School. “We so love and appreciate The Camphill School and all that she learned that helped her to build confidence,” her mother Catherine shared.

Dodge rides a bike

Dodge rides a bike.

Amy Sequenzia

Amy Sequenzia

Amy Sequenzia, Class of 2005, had an essay published on shiftjournal.com.

“My name is Rebecca Carnarius and I attended The Camphill School from September 1980-June 1986, and I had a wonderful teacher, Ingelore Maier, in my first two years there, 7th and 8th grades. She was fantastic, and among the things she did, she directed me in a play about Joan of Arc, which I’ll never forget. I had other wonderful teachers, among them, Jette Carlson, Alice Schwabe, John Greene, and Coleman Lyles. I have come a long way since then, and now I work very hard with Goodwill Keystone Area. I’m also working hard toward getting my GED so I can be qualified to enter the next phase, possibly getting a job in the ‘outside world,’ wherever that may be. I’m thankful for my years there, and all of those wonderful teachers, and I hope to continue learning and growing. By the way, I also wrote a column called “Becky-isms” for the “Radius,” as well as a book.”

Charles and his mother Luise

Charles and his mother Luise

Charlie Tygiel and his mom, Luise Custer, tend Shilo and Dezy at stables near the Santa Cruz coast. It is his supported living staff who brought the horses into Charlie’s life and reconnected him with warm memories of working with Ani and friends at Beaver Run.

Pamela Smith, who now lives at Camphill Soltane, was asked to participate in a press conference with Pennsylvania Senator Andrew Dinniman on July 12, 2010 regarding Pennsylvania Senate Bill 1443. This bill was introduced to strike the phrase “mental retardation” from state statutes and state use. View Pamela’s speech.



After attending a recent event Monty Caldwell emailed a photo of daughter Rachel Caldwell, Class of 1995: “It was such fun seeing the Camphillers! Thanks for taking the time for a great conversation. It was lovely getting brought up to date on a place that has meant so much in our lives.”

Laura Shumaker, mother of former student Matthew Shumaker, has published a book called A Regular Guy: Growing Up with Autism. Click here to view a video on the book.

Jon and Kathi Nuffer write that their son, Jon Nuffer, Class of 2001: “is thriving in a group home, just got a promotion, and will be working at a local church as a maintenance worker. Thank you all again for your kindness and concern for Jon.”

Harvey and Elaine Holtz wrote to The Camphill School with an update on their son, Matthew Holtz, Class of 1988:

“Matthew is doing well at Triform Camphill Community in Hudson, New York where he has resided for the last twenty years. He has gone through the Student, Apprentice, and Journeyman phases and graduated as a Journeyman. Matthew made various exchange visits to Camphill Village Copake in New York, Camphill Village Kimberton Hills in Pennsylvania, and the Camphill communities in Minnesota and Ontario, Canada. He is very friendly and remembers everyone from Beaver Run, especially when it comes to attending various Camphill conferences, concerts, and other functions. Very truly yours, Harvey and Elaine Holtz”

Shirley Juniewiz, mother of Alex Juniewicz (“AJ”), who graduated from Beaver Run on 2005 and Beaver Farm in 2008, sent us this update: “AJ currently is living independently at the LaKamp Ranch in Jamestown, California. He attends a day program in Sonora, CA that he enjoys very much. The day program is very social and AJ is developing relationships with staff and other consumers. Through the day program he volunteers at the SPCA (the cat room is his favorite) and the local Food Bank.…

Alex Rivin, Class of 2005

Alex visited many of his friends at The Camphill School during July 2008. After graduating in 2005, Alex participated in our Transition Program for a year before being accepted at Camphill Soltane. In August, Alex began attending Taft College in Taft, California, as a student in the college’s Transition to Independent Living (TIL) program. While this will mean Alex is close to his family in the San Francisco area, we will miss his ever-smiling face, cheerful friendliness, and very caring nature. Good luck, Alex; we know you will continue to be successful at Taft!

Dave at Edward's Ferry

Dave at Edward’s Ferry

Dave Lepkowski, former student
Dave traveled to the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historic Park and shared a photo of himself at Edward’s Ferry.

Front, from left: Naomi, Kathleen, Alex, Julianna, and Derek; Back from left: Stephen, two fellow Soltane students, and Kyle

Julianna Baker-Cohen, Naomi Fuerman, Derek Frazier, Kyle McBrien, Kathleen Rahling, Alex Rivin, and Stephen Smith, Class of 2007
These seven graduates of The Camphill School have joined the Camphill Soltane community and were featured in the autumn 2007 issue of Soltane’s newsletter.  Coworker Gry Brudvik shares in her article that “the students are great young men and women who have a lot to say about life…we are looking forward to building their knowledge and helping them become responsible citizens of Camphill Soltane and the world.”

Chris Cronin (center) with his mother Cat (left) entertaining Camphill Special School teacher Becky Rutherford at their Bed and Breakfast in Cape May, New Jersey

Chris Cronin (center) with his mother Cat (left) entertaining The Camphill School teacher Becky Rutherford at their Bed and Breakfast in Cape May, New Jersey

Chris Cronin, Class of 2003
Chris’ family recently opened a bed and breakfast, The Primrose Inn, in Cape May and he is involved in almost every aspect of running this charming Victorian inn. Chris helps to clean and prepare guest rooms, care for the grounds, and prepare and serve meals (his double chocolate chip muffins ruined my New Year’s resolution!). (Shared by The Camphill School teacher Becky Rutherford; to learn more about Chris’ inn visit www.theprimroseinn.com)

Mimi Rovner and her friend enjoy books in the beautiful surroundings of Hope Springs Farm in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Mimi Rovner and her friend enjoy books in the beautiful surroundings of Hope Springs Farm in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Mimi Rovner, Class of 2003
Mimi’s family has developed a unique farming day program near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. They say they owe their inspiration to Camphill, but I think they are making some very innovative developments, like a wheelchair-accessible chicken coop! Mimi enjoys her days on the farm and her companions who never have worked with animals or in a garden are thrilled as well. (Shared by The Camphill School teacher Becky Rutherford; to learn more about Mimi’s farm visit www.hopespringsfarm.org)

Lucaneus Barnes
Lucaneus is working at a McDonald’s in Dayton, Ohio and was named February 2006 Employee of the Month.

Charlie Tygiel and Bryan Zecca
Their photos recently appeared in Community Voices, the Camphill Communities California newsletter. Charlie lives with Rowan Bondi, our former coworker and pottery instructor, and Bryan is part of the community’s landscaping team, with David Schwartz, another one of our former coworkers.