In order to continue providing our students a loving and safe education, while learning in person, we must keep following CDC guidelines, social distance, and have the appropriate cleaning supplies and PPE for our staff and students. With these extra costs and current projects underway to facilitate guidelines and regulations, as well as future growth, we need your help.

While Foxfield Flowers continues to blossom at our Transition Program, we are looking to our current needs, as well as future ones. Right now, we are using the loft to have socially distanced gatherings. One big problem, though – the loft floor, support beams, and garage-style door all pose safety hazards. By rehabbing the hayloft, it can be immediately used to help with the need of outdoor, properly distanced work and social space and it will be a space that adapts and grows with the needs of our students and their newest venture as flower farmers.

Thank you for helping us provide a loving, safe environment now and a bright future for our students for years to come!