The Camphill Academy (formerly known as the Camphill School of Curative Education and Social Therapy) is a community of learning rooted in the work of the Camphill Movement.The Camphill Movement is an international network of intentional communities including individuals with disabilities. Camphill communities practice shared living, cooperative work, and education on the basis of a spiritual-scientific understanding of the human being, as developed in Rudolf Steiner’s (1861-1925) anthroposophy and in community-building principles developed by Karl Koenig (1902-1966).

The work of the Camphill Movement includes the practice of Curative Education, Youth Guidance, and Social Therapy as holistic approaches to supporting children, adolescents and adults with intellectual, developmental, and other disabilities. The Camphill Academy offers practice-integrated programs of studies leading to professional qualifications in these disciplines.

As a community of learning, the Camphill Academy includes the participating member communities of the Camphill Association in North America and the North American Council of Anthroposophic Curative Education and Social Therapy.

Please visit the Camphill Academy website for full inforamtion on the programs offered.