The thoughtful children made a discovery

Each January the students at Camphill Special School often learn about the three kings. The lower grades the children might paint the kings or practice “K” for king or do obstacle courses. In fourth grade they might learn about local geography. Fifth grade might learn about Ancient Persia or build a ziggurat to look at the stars. In sixth grade they might learn about astronomy. Once in seventh grade, the students might learn how the sailors used the stars to navigate at sea.

This January in sixth grade, the plan was to study astronomy, sing a song about the three kings, light three candles (red, blue, and green), and recite a poem about the kings. The children would go on a little journey through the school house each morning dressed in our red, blue, and green capes and crowns. From the first mention of the three kings this year, the sixth graders said to me: “Don’t forget Martin Luther King, Ginny!” I thought about it for a while and decided that, yes, Martin Luther King was a king. He was a king because he followed a star and most of all he definitely brought us gifts. And so, we added a fourth candle and a fourth king and I added a new verse to our poem.

We performed our verses, including the new verse, below, and lit our four candles in the Martin Luther King Assembly on Monday, January 16th:

The fourth king came marching and praying and singing
With a dream in his heart that set the mountains a-ringing.

by Ginny Thimme


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