Volunteering or interning at The Camphill School can be an incredible experience filled with new relationships and knowledge that will change you forever and can be a gateway to professional education that will enhance or create your career path.

Prospective live-in coworkers will learn about the Camphill way of life, which demands full immersion with some sacrifice of privacy and free time in return for a profound experience of humanity, relationships, and the true meaning of “service.”

The Tangible Benefits

  • Room and board
  • Monthly stipend
  • Health and driving insurance
  • Access to an automobile
  • Days off and vacation stipends
  • CPR and lifeguard training
  • Debt-free higher education in the Camphill Academy
  • For international applicants, administrative assistance with visas

The Intangible Rewards

  • Living, working, and learning amidst ethnic and cultural diversity
  • Forming lifelong relationships
  • Giving of yourself but receiving much more in return
  • Proximity to Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and New York

Types of Coworkers


Volunteers have no specific agenda in coming to The Camphill School other than to “work with children,” enjoy a “gap year experience,” or  “help people in a community setting.”  They are committed and motivated and often find themselves wanting to take advantage of the educational possibilities offered in our Camphill Academy, stay for longer than the eleven-month commitment, and many times discover new career opportunities they might not have imagined prior to volunteering.


Interns  are currently enrolled in, or have just completed, a post-secondary program in related fields such as education, special education, social work, or psychology and are seeking on-the-job experience in an environment of professional excellence. Eligible to craft a more customized The Camphill School volunteer experience, interns also are afforded the benefit of an experienced mentor. Interns also may apply for admission to the Camphill Academy.