Living in community at The Camphill School means living together in extended family-like settings. We share our houses with people from all around the world, of all ages, and all abilities. Our students are part of our house communities quite like a traditional family setting. Together we take care of each other. As a Live-in Volunteer you will spend your day guiding a group of neurodiverse children, youth, or young adults through daily personal hygiene routines, social and communication processes, functional and academic learning goals, and any challenges they might encounter along the way. Building relationships with each other is the basis of our educational approach. Our tried and true method proves that this is best done by living and learning together. We dance and sing, put on plays, work in the yard, muck out the barn, go on nature walks, play, and share nutritious meals – all with one another.

Sharing life this way can be a challenge; a challenge which has the potential to help you grow in ways you never imagined. If you are interested in trying a different way of living, one that will help you discover strengths and gifts you never knew you had and that will prepare you to become not only an efficient human being, but also an empathetic, warm, creative, and inspired person, then we are the right place for you!

The Camphill School makes sure that all Live-in Volunteers’ basic living needs are taken care of. Upon joining our community you are provided with room and board in one of our beautiful houses, medical insurance, access to a car and money for incidental costs. If you need help paying off your student debt, The Camphill School offers a College Loan Assistance Program!

If you are interested in pursuing higher education, the school is a site of the Camphill Academy!

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For information on being a non-resident volunteer helping for in our classrooms or homes or for group opportunities, please click here.

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