Development and Fundraising
November 20-21, 2015
Presented by AdminInstitute
With Presenters Guy Alma and Scott Williams

In this course, we will explore all aspects of development activities, from events and friendsraising to outreach, visibility studies, and capital campaigns. We will examine underlying principles of forming relationships from the organization to the donor, including how to communicate the social relevance of an organization to a wider public audience beyond those immediately affected by or intimately connected to the organization mission.

At the completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand methods and approaches to building and maintaining relationships within a given community around the organization
  • Translate the organization’s mission into a resonating message for larger groups than the core recipients of the services

The course content, experienced through a combination of presentation, discussion, group work, artistic practice, and sharing, is divided over 2 days. Beginning with personal introductions and guided conversations on issues and questions determined by the participants’ own experiences, the course proceeds with discussions on the principles of development, communicating the organization’s mission, and building and maintaining relationships with broader community. The course culminates with opportunities for participants to explore how to integrate what they’ve learned in their position at work.

What is AdminInstitute?Development and Fundraising

AdminInstitute is a series of skills courses designed for busy professionals in the field of administration in community settings, as well as schools or any other non-profits. Aspects and modules are also of interest to managers and administrators in mission based or spiritually oriented organizations. The development of skills that form the basis of being effective in the respective area of work is important for those in the above mentioned organizations as they translate the mission and spiritually based aspects of the organization into the practical aspect of day to day operations. Maintaining such organizations within the pressures of day to day requires skills as well as inner practices.

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