In a recent student council meeting the elected members decided they wanted to help families that are in need of food. They began by brainstorming ideas of how this could be accomplished. In the end they decided the best way was to reach out beyond the doors of Beaver Run as well as within the community with a food drive. The council members wanted to include all the high school students so each class was asked to decorate a box for collections. A few posters with needed information were also hung around the community. An email was sent out to parents and community members making them aware of the event. As the weeks passed the boxes filled and various groups of high school students helped to place them in storage until the delivery date.
The council members loaded a bus with all the donated food and delivered it to the North Coventry Food Pantry. Once there they also helped to unload the items and place them in the pantry. A gentleman that worked there allowed the students to look around at all the donated items and explained how grateful the families are for the donations. Before leaving they each shook his hand as he thanked them for all their hard work. The council members all left with smiles on their faces knowing they helped area families in need.

By Heather Wiglusz

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