In December, the eleventh grade went on a field trip to Washington D.C. Beforehand, we learned about the U.S. government, the history of how today’s system came about, what representative democracy is, and checks and balances. We toured the Capitol Building and saw the former chambers of the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the Supreme Court before they moved. Standing in the rotunda was a remarkable experience — the ceiling depicting George Washington ascending to the heavens. There were many impressive portraits of significant events in the country’s history and many statues of prominent figures in U.S. history.

However, it was much more than just that. For the students, it made the content come alive. Some of them had never before crossed Pennsylvania state border! Students had a true recognition of the importance of that building and a sense of reverence came over many of the students. Most remarkable was the students’ connection to one another as they navigated the large city. It was a real bonding experience and a great adventure for everyone on this meaningful and exciting trip.

The Outreach Program at the Transition Program at Beaver Farm is designed to help students on their path to adulthood by engaging in real-life experiences in the greater community. Students participate in a variety of hands-on learning opportunities to develop vital work and life skills. Community-based instruction provides age-appropriate opportunities for students which also address their individual needs. A small group of students venture into the community every morning and afternoon to participate in a wide range of activities including shopping, running errands, picking up and delivering bulk orders; and volunteering at French Creek State Park, a bookstore in Kimberton, and an organic garden/farm in Morgantown. Recreational outings, like swimming, bowling, and going to the trampoline park allow students to pursue interests and hobbies while simultaneously developing social skills.

Our current transport van that takes students on outreach trips and educational field trips has racked up many miles taking students to so many places. It is time to get a new van ready for more miles, more memories, and more smiles. Will you make a donation so we can purchase a new transport van so our students may continue to explore the world? Click the link to make a donation to help the students have many more experiences exploring the world.

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