Camphill Special School wishes to recognize the corporations that support our school and students not only financially, but also through their time, talent, and products. In order to distinguish these deeply committed organizations, Camphill Special School is pleased to announce a Corporate Partners Program. An organization will be considered for Corporate Partnership when it provides three or more of the following: financial contribution, product (in-kind) donation, volunteer mobilization – employees and/or customers, grant awards, expertise (board membership, committee participation, advisory role), or EITC Program commitment.

Inducted in 2016
Award presented to Craig L. Adams, President and CEO
Presented by Bill Herman, Member of Camphill Special School Board of Directors

PecoWhilst PECO has provided a lead sponsorship for the Camphill ProAm almost since its beginning its truly remarkable gift has been its investment in people. PECO employees are empowered to make a difference in their local communities: the men and woman who keep our lights on have served as leaders of our board, experts in maintenance processes for our facilities, contract and design experts for our construction projects, and personal donors to the projects that help our children blossom. Nourishing that kind of individual employee power to change lives in our community is a hidden quality that PECO doesn’t shout about. Our school has been changed for the better in so many ways: we are proud to be giving our Corporate Partners Award to PECO in 2016.

Tennis Addiction

Inducted in 2016
Award presented to Anthony DeCecco, Owner
Presented by Amy Walker, Cirque du Camphill Gala Chair

taOur signature fundraising event would not be in existence if not for Tennis Addiction. With a desire to support a local organization, Anthony found Camphill Special School and he immediately knew it was the perfect place to put his energy, time, talents, and treasure. The rest, as they say, is history and nearly 25 years later, the Camphill ProAm has become the school’s biggest fundraiser and has grossed $3 million for the school and our students. In addition to founding the event, Tennis Addiction has provided countless volunteer hours from dozens of staff, club members, and their children. We are humbled by all that Tennis Addiction and Anthony have done for our students throughout the years and look forward to the future as we further build on the success of the Camphill ProAm.

CSI International, Inc.
Inducted in 2017
Award presented to Roger Garrett
Presented by Michael Innocenzo, COO, PECO

CSI International is a provider of janitorial, building operations and maintenance, and facilities management services to corporate, commercial, and educational facilities. CSI International has provided sponsorship of our annual Gala for the past eight years, a maintenance employee for a year at no cost to the school, and advice to the staff on a wide variety of matters and initiatives. “We are incredibly grateful for what the leadership and employees at CSI have helped our school accomplish through their support, advice, and friendship.” said Guy Alma, Camphill’s Director of Development. Tony Horvath, Chief Operating Officer of CSI International, Inc. shares, “We are honored to be recognized as Camphill Special School’s newest Corporate Partner. Thank you to all the teachers and staff for your hard work and dedication in making Camphill Special School a wonderful environment for students and their families.”