Every year as we welcome new coworkers into our village, one of the first aspects they learn is how we live as a community and strive towards recognizing each individual in our care as a whole human being. Therefore we need to explore how we approach a student, how we are with a student, and how to foster the student’s full potential. Within the session the HOW becomes identified and recognized as an all-embracing therapeutic approach to imbue life within the village. Therefore everything we do with a student should arise as a therapeutic element.

An annual “Child Conference” is conducted for each student in our holistic medical arts building. Their teachers, house parents, and therapists gather to develop a current picture of how each student is unfolding within the context of their life within the village. Out of the insights, a curative/therapeutic gesture is allowed to arise. Medical, therapeutic, educational, and curative interventions are then recommended and become the guiding principles in all areas of the student’s life in our community.

Also through the student’s IEP process, a number of therapies are recommended and made available to support each child to access their educational goals to their fullest potential. We know that most therapeutic interventions are only truly effective when implemented and embedded into daily life. Therefore a key factor for improvement and success is good communication among all the supportive staff in the student’s life, so that what unfolds in a therapy session is further supported within the classroom and the house. Only through the embrace of the village is it possible to make it an experience of wholeness for the individual living and working here at our village.

By Carsten Callesen, Director of Therapeutic Programs

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