Teaching and learning are woven into each child’s social life at The Camphill School and a balance is sought for every child.

Students cooking and gardening.

Independent Living Skills

Children are guided toward greater independence through development of self-help skills.

Communication Abilities

Speech and language goals developed for each student are not just the responsibility of speech therapists but are integrated into the classroom and residential setting.

Socialization Skills

Most children share their bedrooms with one other student. The integration and interaction of the children with each other is important in prompting friendships and play, learning to care for one another, and practicing appropriate social behavior.

Domestic Capabilities

Everyone living in a house is responsible for maintaining it; children are given daily responsibilities, such as collecting napkins to place in a basket, drying dishes, or sweeping the floor, according to interest, age, and ability.

Development of Leisure Activities and Hobbies

Younger children have an hour or more of free play every day with simple toys or activities, walking, exercise, and outside games. High school students have time after supper to pursue a hobby or participate in group social activities.