When attending a program (school related), festival, or village wide celebration please be mindful that your student’s school is home to many students.

A visit for any reason is an opportunity to experience a place with a deliberate rhythm that instills confidence and camaraderie among all of the villagers. It is therefore appropriate to have guidelines that support this environment.

To wider school events an email invitation will be sent via the School Office:


  • RSVP – when requested please let the school know you plan to attend
  • Connect with your teacher for school programs or your houseparent for village wide events if you plan on attending. They can confirm that your presence will be positive for everyone or look at alternatives if the event is not suitable. They can also give you any needed event specific details
  • We ask for a general refrain from photos/videos. Come to experience our school and be present. We all enjoy memorializing moments, however this has the potential to be distracting as well as risk the privacy of other students
  • We are a tech light environment. No texting and cell-phone use in school buildings and houses
  • Please arrive on time and be mindful when you leave
  • ENJOY, whether it is a reverent and quiet or an active and boisterous event we welcome you to come and learn more about your student’s campus life