When Autumn Comes
When autumn comes, we return for learning
To tackle tasks that have waited for me
When autumn comes I feel truly free
From the song Returning to School in Autumn by Christof-Andreas Lindenberg

The Camphill Special School community sang in the new year at our perennial First Day of School assembly. Ginny Thimme, our 7th grade teacher, told the story of the first teacher at the first Camphill in Scotland, Morwenna Bucknall. Ginny told of the challenges Morwenna faced starting a school program from scratch and the fun she and the children had together. Morwenna, in honor of the work she was doing, was once invited to tea by the Queen of England. And what did she wear to such a prestigious occasion? A hat plucked from the school’s costume cupboard! Ginny and many of our students then clad themselves in hats from our costume cupboard as another song was shared together.

It was a wonderful welcome to old friends and new with introductions of all the new students and staff. Each teacher also shared a bit about what their classes will be doing in the coming weeks. They have a lot of learning to look forward to – and we look forward to sharing all that is happening with you.

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