Live-in coworkers (volunteers and interns) from around the world come to The Children's Village at Beaver Run.

Live-in volunteers from around the world come to The Camphill School.

When founded in 1963, The Camphill School was based upon the idea that the new community not only would become a village for children, but a place that nurtured childhood itself. This was powerfully affirmed in 1967 when a foundation stone was laid at Rock Crystal, the village’s first purposely built house where live-in volunteers and children with intellectual and developmental disabilities could share their lives.

Rock Crystal is named after a small book of the same name by Adalbert Stifter. First published in 1845 as a “Christmas tale,” Rock Crystal is a fable of two children, lost on Christmas Eve on a glacier separating two villages. The youngsters, protected by The Angel of Providence, are rescued the next day when residents of both villages overcome their prejudices towards each other and search together to find the lost ones.

Our Waldorf school program is at the heart of Beaver Run.

Our Waldorf school program is at the heart of The Camphill School.

In the same way, Rock Crystal embodied The Camphill School’s new ideal of a “children’s village” — a collection of accepting and loving homes where children who have lost their way in the world can be found and, once found, lead lives with purpose and significance.