On a bright and sunny Monday in August a pool of volunteers streamed from air conditioned buses onto the hot asphalt. They came bearing loppers, pruners, and clippers. Brand new work gloves were about to be broken in thoroughly. They listened intently as they were introduced to the Transition Program at Beaver Farm. They smiled while hearing the details on the job they were to undertake: today the volunteers would be clearing vines and brambles and brush along the eastern property line so that we can grow wildflowers to attract butterflies and bees.

DaVita volunteering at Camphill across the farmThe group of over a hundred came to Camphill from DaVita, they work together in Information Technology. Watching them spread out, their sea of light blue and yellow t-shirts, it looked as if flowers were already blooming! These shirts were made to commemorate and celebrate the day; “Sending Forth Ripples,” was written across the top. They worked hard, cleared a great deal in a short amount of time, and remained cheerful all afternoon.

Volunteer working together at Camphill I spoke with Maureen Scott who told me, “At DaVita we call ourselves a village. We’re a community first and a company second.” She said that having fun was an essential part of that, that a fun environment results in better care to those the company serves, and a better work environment for our teammates. In her “work family” they find causes to support- they learn the mission of the organization and develop a relationship, one that often carries on for years.

DaVita moving branches at CamphillWatching the group, you could see that they worked well together. They removed huge branches, cut back weeds, and loaded up the tractor with ease. The work was hard but they truly appeared to enjoy themselves despite it!

Volunteering at Camphill

Before they got back on their cool buses they posed for a big group photo in front of the barn. They donated all those tools and work gloves. We thanked them for a wonderful and productive afternoon and they responded with a collective cheer! They shook our hands and thanked us for our work as we thanked them for theirs. They certainly sent forth ripples and made a positive impact on the school!

DaVita after volunteering at CamphillAre you interested in volunteering?
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