Start a Team page, join a team, or go solo with a Personal Fundraising Page.
Personal Fundraising Pages are where your friends will contribute to support you. If they would like to reach out to their friends and family, a Team page could be better. This way they can compete with you and share why they choose to support Camphill- because they see what an impact it has made on the life of their friend. Teams are a great way to encourage friends and family to get involved. By creating some competition you will likely increase your reach and social shares. This, of course, leads to more donations!
You can change your goal at any time through “Edit Team Profile,” so if it seems likely you’ll reach that goal by noon, consider increasing it so you can celebrate your success again in the evening.

Personalizing your Personal Fundraising Page
Add a picture of your child (if you’d like the #GivingTuesdayCSS logo added to a photo email it to me), and share why Camphill Special School is important to you.
How to edit your Personal Fundraising Page

Personalizing your Team Page
You can also personalize your Team Page. Here you can ask friends to join your team and raise money along with you.
Step 1. Edit Team Page
Edit a Team Page
Step 2. Browse

3. Upload

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