Camphill Special School is home to a vast array of therapies. Whether the therapies are mainstream ones like speech, occupational therapy, physical therapy or hippo-therapy, or lesser known approaches to healing like rhythmic massage, color light, movement therapy or oil dispersion baths, one central tenet holds sway: the attempt to create a wholesome approach where the potential of each individual can be fostered.

The starting point is always with the individual child. Therapies are designed for each student: the student is not subject to a rigid course of ‘treatment’. The foundation of this approach lies in recognizing what will be therapeutic for each child, what activities and therapeutic approaches can live and unfold in the classroom or in the residential home. This process begins with a question: “How?” How can we guide the child towards the growth needed? How can each possible therapeutic approach be used to help overcome challenges and help the child towards his or her own sense of health, potential and wholeness? How can therapies become a part of the whole of life, and not isolated events that occur in thirty minute increments?

In order to achieve these goals, collaboration and communication between all the team members in the community is needed. If the child’s life is a river, therapies are the gentle force that can change the path of the current in one place or another, allowing the learning to flow smoothly and just as the child would intend it to be. Our team of therapists is there to offer, instill, and encourage each individual to find their own version of wholeness.

By Carsten Callesen, Director of Therapeutic Services

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