We are thrilled to have a new volunteer helping out in our eurythmy classes!  Lizzy has been joining us every Tuesday since September working with a few of Ute’s eurythmy classes.  Lizzy received a BA from BYU in English with a minor in German. She studied dance intensively prior to college and took some classes during college.   She currently works at a community college library, helping students from diverse backgrounds, and as a writing coach for international students. Lizzy would like to become a dance and movement therapist, and is particularly interested in working with children and youth in social and emotional learning programs.

Lizzy has enjoyed learning about eurythmy.  “Eurythmy gives students an opportunity to be stretched physically and mentally,” she told us.  “In the few months I’ve been volunteering, I have seen growth in students as they’ve learn new movements; seeing students do things that hadn’t previously been able to do. I also think Eurythmy provides a unique opportunity to foster students’ awareness and their connection with surroundings, body, and mind.

“I have really enjoyed working Ute, the eurythmy instructor, and the various employees and volunteers at Camphill Special School,” said Lizzy.  “They have a wealth of knowledge. I have learned a lot and definitely feel that I have more to learn as I continue volunteering. Seeing the students is a highlight of my week. Whether they’re having great days or rough days, I feel uplifted by their company and I’ve enjoyed getting to know them.”

Interested in volunteering?  Contact Traci Connaughton at 610-469-9758 or email tconnaughton@camphillspecialschool.org.

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