Bob and Rosemary, parents of Noah, a student at Camphill Special School, shares why they choses to participate in #GivingTuesdayCSS:

Noah is a twelfth grade student at Camphill this year. Over the past four years he has grown into an independent young man.

Noah enjoys participating in school: learning about the digestive system, the Civil War, art, music, and oh yes, math…and so much more. Having the opportunity to be an active participant in his class play, working on projects with his classmates, doing handwork, and participating in service work, all give meaning and purpose to his life. Noah loves working in the store, learning everyday skills, being in the garden and on the land crew, and this year he’s doing the milk run. Noah also enjoys taking piano lessons, going to dance club, and yes, even helping out with chores in his house! The rhythm and activities of his day support him in allowing his true self to shine.

We are so incredibly thankful to have found Camphill for Noah.  He is happy and feels more and more confident each day.

Noah GT 2015

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