Holly, mother of Jonah, a student at the Transition Program at Beaver Farm, shares why she chooses to participate in ‪#‎GivingTuesdayCSS:

I remember the day we dropped Jonah off at Camphill… He was so excited that he ran out of the car, bolted into Longhouse and up the stairs. He smiled out the window as he leaned over another child on the window seat overlooking the campus’ rolling and lush landscape. We were still in the car, consumed with worry about the big changes about to happen… In contrast; Jonah had already gleefully embraced the change, and, in fact, was running towards it. As parents, we always want to protect our children. It’s tough to let go. But, when we see how happy, satisfied, involved, and productive our children can really be, it’s even harder not to embrace the new beginning.

That day at Beaver Run was over six years ago. Jonah is now in the Transition Program at Beaver Farm and is the happiest, healthiest, and most productive he’s ever been. He loves coming home, and he loves going back to Camphill. He is eager for friends and work and an incredible lifestyle. He’s now part of a bigger, thriving community, as is the whole family. Camphill has taught all of us so much. With much admiration and thanks, we love you Camphill!

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