Lisa, parent of Wyatt, a student at the Transition Program at Beaver Farm, shares why she chooses to participate in #GivingTuesdayCSS:

For years my son, Wyatt often looked to the sky as he just couldn’t comprehend that his father vanished. His dad was killed in the 9/11 attacks. He’s been to eight schools but needed something different. We searched. When we toured Beaver Farm we were greeted at the gate by the farm dog, lambs flocked to Wyatt, and as he stroked a huge cow she leaned into him. As we entered the greenhouse he said, “Wow.” At lunch he ate organic food and chatted with the warmhearted staff—role models, I thought! He went running through the fields playing with the dog and sheep.

I watched as a new sense of freedom and serenity, mixed with pure joy emerged in him. After our visit I asked, “Wyatt, what was your favorite part of the farm?” He answered, “My daddy is in the sky here.” I decided to give Wyatt the gift of attending Beaver Farm. And for the first time without his hands-on-dad in the mix, he has a chance to become a farmer and a man. He’s mastering skills in the garden, kitchen and barn. He’s made friends, spreads humor, warmth and love to the community. He has a new sense of coolness and wakes everyday saying, “I’m so happy.”

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