Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average class size?

  • Lower School (grades 1 to 5): maximum of eight (8) students 
  • Middle School (grades 6 to 8): maximum of ten (10) students  
  • High School (grades 9 to 12): maximum of twelve (12) students  
  • Transition Program Vocational Crews: average of three to seven (3-7) 

What is the student to staff ratio?

The Camphill School maintains a low student-to-staff ratio dependent upon the abilities and needs of the students in each class. In general, each class consists of a lead teacher, a class assistant, and a varied number of paraprofessionals based on student needs. 

What related services are provided to students at The Camphill School?

The Camphill School provides students with occupational, physical, and speech therapy in accordance with the student’s IEP. In addition, holistic therapies may be recommended by our school physician, in collaboration with all team members, to create wholeness for our students in support of our program and their overall development. 

What sets The Camphill School apart from other schools?

What makes The Camphill School unique is our standing as an intentional community comprised of individuals and families who have chosen to immerse themselves in relationships with our students in their houses and classrooms. We offer meaningful work and hands-on learning opportunities aligned with our student’s individual interests and abilities. Part of the international network of Camphill Communities, staff from all over the world dedicate themselves to live and work in this unique place of learning. We are the only Waldorf® school offering a 1st through 12th grade program in a Camphill community in North America. 

What do students do when they complete 12th grade at The Camphill School?

Most students who complete The Camphill School’s High School program at the Beaver Run campus go on to our Transition Program at Beaver Farm, a vocational readiness program for students ages 18-21. On this 130-acre biodynamic farm, our students are offered academic, life skill, and vocational programming so that they have the opportunity to mature and acquire independence. During their time at Beaver Farm, the school collaborates with Supports Coordinators and parents to determine the next steps following the student’s eligibility for adult services. 

What happens when The Camphill School has vacations or breaks?

During vacations and scheduled breaks, students become the responsibility of their parents, guardians, or agency. The school year is from early September through late June and is followed by our four-week Extended School Year (ESY) program. Our school is closed for one week at Thanksgiving, two weeks of winter break, two weeks in the spring, and from late July (following ESY) through Labor Day. See our calendar for details. 

Enrolled students and students admitted before January 1 of a given school year may participate in our ESY program. Students who are admitted after January 1 in a given school year are placed on a waiting list for ESY.