The 4 Little Pigs

Saturday, November 5th began like most other weekend days at Beaver Farm. The sun began to creep up and the sounds of waking made themselves heard in the barn. Xena, our mama pig, began her morning a little more restless than usual. Her babies were due any minute, with students and coworkers equally excited for what was on the horizon. For the past 10 days, we had taken turns checking in on her. Some listened to her breathing, others monitored how much she was sleeping and eating, and still others were gently pressing on her belly to feel the scurrying of little ones as they counted down the days and guessed how many babies she would have. Saturday though, Xena and her babies were prepared. 

Our PT Erin not only helps our students move, work, and play to their heart’s desire; she also has a unique love and dedication to our animals. A local, she often will stop by when mamas are due, offering a hand when needed. That Saturday, she arrived early and helped Xena bring four beautiful little babies into the world, happy and healthy, snorty and hungry. The last was born at 9 am and mom moved on to nesting and feeding her hungry litter. 

A small but mighty farrow of 3 boys and 1 girl, they were given the names Manny, Ruby, Moe, and Jack (in order of birth) and were quickly greeted by community members filing through to take photos, choose favorites, and county curly tails. They came out with little tan bodies speckled with black, each with their own pattern and style.  

Mama and babies are doing well! They are surrounded by love and heat lamps and are eating and playing like little champs, growing stronger every day. Bringing new life into Beaver Farm is always a reason to celebrate and we are so glad Xena was able to welcome her babies before the weather got too cold and they could enjoy a little fresh warm air before hunkering down for lots of cuddles as winter approaches.