High School

As students enter our high school program, the journey of becoming an adult begins. Academic and functional instruction focuses more on the individual needs of the student and becomes less focused on the main lesson content. Students are exposed to major works of literature such as Homer’s Odyssey and Goethe’s Faust and explore the world through sciences such as physics and zoology.  

High school students participate in an afternoon prevocational program designed to develop skills and attitudes that enhance their social development and allow them to participate in meaningful cooperative work. Students rotate through various crews including the school store, household activities, gardening, landscaping, weaving, stable and animal care, woodworking, maintenance, and life skills. 

High schoolers elect Student Council officers and representatives from each grade annually. The Student Council meets with its faculty advisor to discuss issues and concerns and to suggest and plan activities. Student Council-sponsored activities have included a food and supply drive benefiting local shelters and prom.