The Camphill School offers a variety of traditional, IEP-dictated therapies as well as holistic therapies for students.  

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy within the school setting ensures that each student acquires the functional abilities necessary to access their educational environment and participate in school activities. Physical therapy is provided as a related service, and the level of service is determined by the individual needs. Consultative physical therapy provides support to the teacher/staff to ensure that the student is able to successfully access their educational program. Physical Therapy plans focus on improvement in flexibility, stability/strength, posture, balance coordination, mobility skills, endurance, and motor planning. 

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy services address skill development in an activity-based setting with the therapist working within the school environment to improve foundational skills or provide modifications that facilitate a student’s ability to access the learning environment. Therapists collaborate with teachers and other educational staff to facilitate the learning process by supporting the skills needed for participation in the classroom, such as sensory-motor processing, visual motor, visual perceptual skills, fine motor, coordination, and activities of daily living. 

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is multifaceted, involving language stimulation as well as the production of speech. Therapy objectives vary according to the individual student’s needs and abilities and may focus on improving some combination of receptive language, expressive language, pragmatic or social skills, articulation, oral motor skills, fluency, and voice quality. 

Colored Shadow Display

Color, movements, music, and speech together create a therapy that is calming, harmonizing, or stimulating. Movements take place between a natural light channeled through colored glass and a screen, producing an ever-changing display of colored shadows synchronized with music and speech. This therapy harmonizes sense impressions with the breathing process, alleviating restlessness and emotional stress. 

Therapeutic Eurythmy

Eurythmy is an art of expressive movement that can be described as visible speech and song. Eurythmy enlarges and transforms movements into a coherent language performed by the whole body, especially the arms and legs. For artistic eurythmy to become therapeutic, the gestures are modified and intensified. Repeated practice stimulates healing life forces, restores balance, and can correct constitutional problems. 


The Camphill School offers a variety of massages that support health and well-being.   

Rhythmical Massage Therapy is a gentle, harmonizing massage that helps awaken self-healing forces within each individual through working with archetypal principles of form, life, and rhythm. This massage is especially beneficial for helping individuals connect to their bodies, thus enhancing inner feelings for boundaries, centeredness, and well-being. 

Swedish Massage Therapy seeks to bring balance to the physical body and emotional life through the means of touch. Massage movements range from gentle gliding to deep kneading based on the needs of the individual. 

Therapeutic Baths

Therapeutic Baths include footbaths, nutritional baths, and oil dispersion baths. Therapeutic substances are taken up by the body through the skin via the water. The baths promote relaxation, circulation, and well-being. The specific therapeutic substance is chosen based on the needs of the individual. 

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