Andreas Schuschke, M.A.

Director of Programs

Andreas has been a dedicated member of Camphill Special School for the past 12 years. He completed the Certificate in Curative Education as part of his training in the Camphill School of Curative Education and Social Therapy, earned a BA in Curative Education with Prescott College in Arizona, and completed the Pennsylvania Special Education Teacher Certification and an MA in Educational Leadership at Immaculata University. Andreas worked as support staff at several of the residences at Camphill Special School and as a classroom assistant before taking on roles as a home-maker in one of the school’s residences and finally carrying on a full-time class teaching position for the past 6 years. Andreas is currently enrolled in the PA Training and Technical Assistant Network’s (PATTAN) Fellowship Training for Special Education Administrators in order to grow into his new position as Director of Programs at the school.