Fasching Through the Decades

This year, our Fasching celebration kind of rushed up on us…where did the time go?? This winter has been a mild and quiet one, so the idea of Fat Tuesday being right around the corner shocked us. When it came time to plan during our festival meeting though, Lauren had an amazing idea to tie the festivities altogether. 

Each house chose a decade spanning from the 1950s to the 2000s. They then researched the decade and learned about historical events, fashion trends, and hit songs from the era. Everyone agreed that putting on a small performance celebrating the times would be the most fun, giving us plenty of time to practice and not be too stressed. 

On Tuesday, we all traveled to Foxfield, where Lauren emceed the event. After a dance party and snack, Stone House gave a spirited rendition of the 50s hit “Hound Dog” dedicated to Hermione. SJH Ed Center did “These Boots are Made for Mucking” from the 60s while clad in their best hippie gear. The 70s were a sight, with Jack entering as Darth Vader with the rest of Foxfield House following, and Jaime led the entire room in the most energetic version of “YMCA.” The 80s was a total dance party as Silver Maple strut their stuff to “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” with each resident getting a little time to shine. Farm House brought us the 90s with “Living La Vida Loca” and lots of flannel. The finish it all off, baby Kai introduced the 2000s when Elvis and the rest of Lucas House did a standing ovation-worthy version of “In Da Club.” 

In true Fasching style, we all enjoyed donuts and a deliciously decadent meal. Reydan and the kitchen crew made us a Sunday Roast for Tuesday (can this always be a thing???) and we left the barn full, exhausted, and humming a little tune.