Little Bulldozers

The pigs on the farm have been called “little bulldozers” for a good reason: they are quick and thorough in clearing the land of overgrowth and rooting out refuse left by previous tenants. These pigs were born last summer and moved to the woods below Foxfield Farm Thanksgiving week of 2022; in less than three months, they have demolished all the smaller shrubs and brambles and dug up two garden hoses, three patio cushions, a horse blanket, and numerous plastic planters and scraps of wire fencing. The estate crew spent this week hauling this trash away and piling and burning the excess dead wood in the area. When it is time to take these pigs to market, these woods will flourish again with plenty of nutrients and room for native plants to take root. The next litter of piglets will go to forage in the Beaver Farm woods, leaving these woods to regrow. Rotating pasture areas for the different animals on the farm is an important detail in maintaining the health of the land we work, play, and live on.