Craft House Expansion and Renovation

Used by students in all grades, the Craft House cannot currently fulfill its purpose due to a critical lack of space and outdated facilities. The planned renovation will improve accessibility, functionality, and safety by providing:

  • A larger woodshop. 
  • A weavery with increased classroom and storage spaces.
  • A dedicated entry for the
    in-house food store.
  • A pottery studio with a stand-alone kiln room. 
  • Courtyard access for
    outdoor clay work.
  • Space to support seamless transition of classes. 
  • ADA accessibility and
    additional and upgraded restroom facilities. 
  • A patio for both community gathering and artwork

“In order to continue providing quality education and attracting both house parents and teachers – the School needs to modernize spaces. It’s time to make The Camphill School an even better place for both the students and the faculty.”