Please Welcome Kai Peter Callesen!

Silvan and Mereet welcomed baby Kai this past Saturday! At 4:13am on December 10, our community grew by one as the 7lb 2.2oz little Beaver Farmer got his first glimpse of mom and dad. 

Silvan’s journey with Camphill began in 1994 when he was born at our Beaver Run campus to his parents Carsten and Safina. He grew up alongside the students at Beaver Run, naturally falling into a caretaker position as time went on. Eventually after some traveling and adventure, he found himself back at Camphill as a paraprofessional. 

4 years ago, Mereet came from Egypt to visit her cousin Shady who was a coworker. Little did she know that this vacation would change her life in the biggest way possible. On her first day visiting, she sat down at lunch next to a tall confident yet gentle man named Silvan, who immediately made her feel at ease. During her stay, she felt a connectedness to the work and people at Camphill and didn’t want to leave. When her visit ended, saying goodbye forever just wasn’t an option. A simple trip to visit her cousin had turned into finding her calling and she made arrangements to come back as a coworker herself. 

Mereet and Silvan started out as friends, but that friendship turned into love over time and they were married in Cairo surrounded by friends and family in July of 2020. The following year, they took over house parent duties in Lucas House and their different but complimentary personalities made the house feel like a true home. This year, we were all so excited to find out that they were expecting their first child, a boy to be born right before Christmas. 

Kai is truly a blessed little one and is sure to be a beautiful blend of his parents. His father’s patience, compassion, and childlike joy paired with his mother’s sweetness, sense of style, and attention to detail will make for one lovely little guy who will be sure own many many pairs of overalls. Please join us in welcoming Kai Peter Callesen to The Camphill School Beaver Farm.