Beyond Beaver Run, The Senior Class Play

Beyond Beaver Run
The Senior Class Play

    The 12th Grade play is a big moment in the senior year at Beaver Run.  The students work together on props, sets, costumes, and, of course, the acting.  When possible, they are given the chance to provide input too.  The play is meant to allow them to share and create something together before they move on.   At the same time, it should allow each teen to shine as an individual.

    This year the play was written by me, their teacher, with the help from my daughter and our classroom staff.  I wanted to create something that would highlight their individuality while allowing opportunities for independence and showcasing their talents.  Also, the 12th Grade year can be a struggle for many of our students, as the unknown and saying goodbye to Beaver Run can cause anxiety.  So, the play was written to help them work through the emotions surrounding these anxieties.  

    Throughout the entire experience, the students were encouraged to have a voice, express their feelings and make choices to help build their confidence so they will be able to meet the challenges ahead. Importantly, they got to work together as a team and enjoy having fun with their friends.